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With over 50 years of manufacturing experience and performance testing, you can confidently specify newell. Pdf performance study of line post insulator under different. Indepth study and practical knowledge on this subject is. Jamcs corporation plscadd users group meeting july 14 16, 2009. Line poststation post insulator the line poststation post insulator horizontally or vertically supports the line conductor see fig. Ppc insulators offer horizontal clamp top line post assemblies for ratings 15 kv through 45 kv. Fsk russian homologation lapp post ceramic 35220kv. Transmission insulators archives maclean power systems. Line post insulator cross reference gain mounting clamp top insulators clamps mounting studs these equivalents are provided as a reference only. Distribution insulators archives maclean power systems.

Insulators insulators are devices which are used on electricity supply networks to support, separate or contain conductors at high voltages. A galvanized metal cap is cemented to the outside of the line post head supporting the trunnion type clamp. Maclean line post insulatorused on the transmission line. Our product line includes construction and switching products, tools, insulators, arresters, pole line hardware, cable accessories, test equipment, transformer bushings and polymer precast enclosures and equipment pads. Kli silicone rubber transmission line post insulators are manufactured and tested to worldclass polymer insulator standards, csa, ansi and iec. Horizontal post insulator properties jeffrey miller, p. Kline insulators limited kli engineers and sales specialists are industry experienced. Ppc offers the most comprehensive range of porcelain post insulators up to highest ac and dc system voltages with the most progressive technology, engineering and life time. For short circuit loads only, the maximum recommended working load is 100% of published ratings when using formulas from ansi c371972. Maclean power systems dp572 line post, tietop wesco. Kline insulators limited kli silicone distribution line post insulators are manufactured to meet worldclass polymer insulator standards, csa c411. Types of insulators in transmission lines electrical4u. Distribution silicone insulators line post squarespace. Polymer insulator line post insulators manufacturer from.

Research and further development resulted in the optimization of our post insulators for distribution plants and switchgear systems. Line post insulators ppc insulators offer vertical clamp top line post assemblies for ratings 15 kv through 45 kv. Line poststation post insulator the line poststation post insulator. Line post insulator cross refer victor insulators, inc. You may choose to download the entire catalogue or specific catalogue chapters from the list below. Porcelain line post insulators,porcelain pin post insulator. Newell offers field proven performance in a complete line of solid core station post porcelain insulators. High strength 69 kv post, horizontal clamp top, rigid gain base.

We have experience with the manufacture of post insulators since 1930. Longitudinal load can not use just one of these to determine if a post insulator is adequate for the anticipated loads. Since the good performance of maclean line post insulator it is also can used on pollution areas. Catalogue tlp transmission silicone insulators line post 69 kv to. Selection of insulators should be based on actual specifications for the product as issued by the manufacturer. Our offer includes solutions in isolation and protective equipment for use, distribution and transmission of energy. The guidelines intend to guarantee satisfactory performance of insulators during the lifetime of the overhead line and shall be used at pur. All of which are manufactured under international standards such as iec and ansi among others.

Line post distribution post, horizontal clamp top with long pintle bolt, rigid gain base. Ppc porcelain ceramic post insulators ppc insulators. Short production time, tighter tolerances, flexible design, extrahigh mechanical strength and extended creepage distances are possible by isostatic process. Misc brackets including those for vertically mounting post and pin insulators on poles. We offer suspension, line post, braced post, bell equivalents and custom insulator assemblies. Ppc horizontal mounting line post assemblies are primarily. Maclean line post insulator is manufactured totally according to the ansi c29. This indepth knowledge and understanding of transmission and distribution systems, positions kli as a unique resource to clients. Mps offers a wide variety of distribution insulators for applications up to 46kv. They are the lightweight alternative to traditional porcelain post insulators and are ideal for use with all types of construction using either bare or covered conductors.

Mps offers a variety of stud mount and gain base 1. Gostr certificate for the full range of post ceramic lapp insulators s. Insulators have the dual functions of mechanically supporting aerial conductors while also providing adequate electrical insulation between the energised conductor and the supporting pole or structure. Verilite line post insulator sr 35 kv 80s0280100 hubbell. Insulators line post porcelain 106 au insulators tietop t xarm ground end live end pin post gain base vertical clamp top c horizontal clamp top h cat no. Pdf a detailed investigation of overhead line insulators. Our post insulators from the latest high performance ceramics have been in use for many decades in switchgear and capacitor bank platforms. Technical specification for composite line post insulators page 1 of 22 specification ets100202 ver 4 ergon energy corporation limited abn 50 087 646 062 1. Line post and pin post insulators tucheng international.

The raychem polymeric line post insulator rlp combines mechanical strength with excellent pollution performance. A line post insulator is an insulator of generally. Page 215 january 2019fifi verilite silicone rubber line post insulators with universal clamp for 1569kv applications the ohio brass universal clamp end fitting is used with the verilitetm line post vllp insulator family. Ppc vertical clamp top line post insulators are mounted upright on crossarms and structures. Porolio peak demand line post insulators are all manufactured using a wet porcelain process and. Combining the proven direct bond silicone technology of the ohio brass vllp design, the universal clamp. The insulators are installed onto the side of electric pole or structure to hold the overhead wire. These guidelines describe the requirements on insulators for insulator sets in accordance with tr 0510e for overhead transmission lines with alternating current and cover design and inspection. Verilite silicone rubber line post insulators with universal clamp for 1569kv applications the ohio brass universal clamp end fitting is used with the verilitetm line post vllp insulator family. Hendrix line post insulators are molded from a proprietary blend of gray, track and uv resistant, high density polyethylene. Kli personnel are available to work hand in hand with clients to design cust. Polymeric outdoor insulators for transmission lines were developed as early as 1964 in. We offer line post and deadend insulators for your power and utility needs.

Raychem line post insulators rlp horizontal clamp transnet nz. Insulators made in epoxy, polyester, resin, porcelain and micaver and low voltage insulators in polyglass isolateurs en epoxy, resine, porcelaine et micaver et isolateurs basse tension en polyverre. Horizonal post insulator properties power line systems. Line post insulators are designed to provide rigid support of conducng cable while o. Limited kli silicone rubber transmission line post. Pdf in this paper, an electrostatic field computations are carried out around the line post insulator under clean and different pollution. We offer an deal in wide range of polymer post insulators which include suspension long rod silicone rubber insulators, pin type composite insulators, station post polymer insulators, cross arm silicone rubber insulators, electrified railway polymer insulators, polymer dise insulator, polymer lighting aresster. Gray glaze is standard on all station post insulators. Compared with porcelain ones, pyungil polymeric insulators are lightweighted, easy to handle, breakageresistant, free from crack and also durable.

Ppc horizontal mounting line post assemblies are primarily recommended for downleads, jumper loop control and similar applications. Purpose and scope this specification sets out the requirements for the manufacture, testing and delivery of composite line post insulators for use on overhead 66kv and 2kv subtransmission. Product search, catalog, cad drawings, station post, polymer, line post, suspensions, rodurflex, step, 3d, models. K line insulators limited kli engineers and sales specialists are industry experienced. We are a leading manufacturer of solid core porcelain insulators of. Fsk russian homologation lapp post ceramic 330750kv. Technical article polymeric insulators submitted by. Technical specification for composite line post insulators. All 3 loads and their interactionsshould be used in the evaluation.

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